My Cake Calculator

This application for Android and iOS was designed by the School of Cake Design of Paris “Gateaux sur Mesure”. 

It allows you to calculate in real time the number of shares of your wedding cakes and the amount of sugar paste needed to cover your cakes. All sizes are possible!
You will visualize your creation with a 3D preview. You will be able to choose the colors and textures for each tier and define the composition of your cake!
The application will offer you cutting plans for your floors of all possible sizes. You can print a real size map.
You can also manage your recipes and calculate the quantities of ingredients, the cost and the weight of your cake.
You can also do conversions in all units useful in pastry (cup, oz, lb, kg, °F, …).

Everything is calculated in real time, nothing is predefined, you do what you want!

number of servings

Calculate the number of servings of your cake

More than 18 different shapes

More than 18 different shapes for your tiers!

3d preview

3D preview


Choose textures for your tiers

number cake

You can create tiers with characters. The app will also compute the number of servings!

inside of cake

Define the composition of your cake and visualize its interior

decorate your cake

Decorate your cake with more than 35 decorations

cake slicer

The app includes a Cake Slicer

cost ingredients mass

The app calculates the quantities of ingredients, weight and cost of the cake

convert units

You can convert all the units used to create cakes

7 languages

7 languages are available

my cake calculator logo

You’ll save a lot of time!

Try it now! The first week of use on Android is free!

This app is less than 1$ per month (yearly plan) and there are no ads!