Version History

20.1.0– Added a button to create an order directly from the calculator.
– Tiers order in cost calculations is now the same as in the calculator.
– Added additional shapes in the calculators “Calculation of the dimensions of a cake according to the number of servings” and “Calculation of ingredients to make a biscuit”.
20.0.0Many new features on tier shapes:
– Choice of a font for the “text” floors.
– Addition of the “column” shape.
– Addition of the pyramid with a polygonal base (number of configurable angles).
– Addition of inverted shapes for the cone, pyramids and half-sphere.
– Possibility of cutting the top of a cone or a pyramid by choosing the dimension of the cut.
– Improved the accuracy of calculations for the quantity of smoothing ganache and sugar paste.
– Various improvements.
19.6.0– Added a setting to not cover a tier with sugar paste (in the tier settings). This will allow you to correctly calculate the costs of your buttercream covered cakes.
– Fixed issues with the calculations of ingredients needed for your orders.
– Various improvements.
19.5.0– Added fonts for the “Text” texture.
– You can now use more than one character / emoji for text decorations.
– Added fonts for text decorations.
– Possibility of place a text decoration on top of a cake as a topper.
– Color 2 of the decorations can be removed to make a borderless text for example.
– Added 9 new textures.
19.2.0– Added an export of the 3D view in the form of an image file in addition to the PDF export.
19.1.0– 14 new textures have been added.
19.0.0– You asked us a lot, you can now cancel/redo a decoration modification!
– Display of textures with color in the selection screen.
– Changing the colors of a decoration is now individualized.
– Your backups are now made by device linked to your email, you will then be able to easily recognize them.
18.2.0– Added a wizard to define custom serving sizes.
– Bug fixes.
18.1.0– Added the ability to indicate a discount in an order.
– Numerous improvements to order management.
18.0.0– Significant technical changes to the subscription system. If you encounter any issues, please contact us via the app.
– Subscriptions on iOS now renew automatically (for new subscriptions only).
– Added a quick settings screen at the first launch of the application.
– Android 7.0 minimum is now required.
17.2.0– Reorganized your cake decorating tools.
– Added buttons for mirror effect and positioning.
17.1.0– Redesign of the management of application backups.
17.0.0– The tiers parameters are now all grouped in the same window (addition of tabs). You can now edit all parameters from the 3D view by tapping on a tier.
– Various improvements and bug fixes.
16.0.4– Fixed an issue when saving packagings in orders.
16.0.3– Fixed an issue when modifying services that could cause services to disappear in orders.
16.0.0– Added the maximum height of a tier in the calculator that generates a cake from the number of servings.
– Added packaging management.
– Packaging management in cost calculations in orders.
– Addition of a calculator that allows you to dilute a dairy product in order to reduce its fat content.
15.5.0– Addition of the calculation of the hourly making cost in the settings.
– The application now suggests you a selling price in your orders.
– Fixed cloud saving problems for some users.
15.1.0– Added the ability to rotate a decoration.
15.0.0– Added the ability to copy a tier (switch under the table).
– Changing the height of a tier now recalculates layer thicknesses (advanced mode).
– Addition of the “sweet bites” recipe type (macarons, cupcakes, cake pops, etc.). You can calculate the ingredients and costs according to the number of sweet bites chosen via the new calculator. You can also add them to your quotes.
– Addition of service settings (furniture rental, drinks, waiter, etc.) that you can add to your quotes.
– In the cost and ingredients calculation screen, we now display the filling weights of the layers of each tier.
14.5.0– Addition in the “Customers / Orders” section of the automatic calculation of your needs for ingredients and accessories for your future orders.
– You can now configure your general conditions of sale for PDFs of quotes and invoices.
– Addition PDF exports of orders and customers.
– Improvement of the demonstration.
14.0.0– Cake project names are now unique, the app will ask if you want to overwrite a project with the same name.
– Added generation of quotes and invoices. There are new settings to define all your business information.
– Added a statistics tab in the customers part.
– Fixed display of your logo on PDFs.
13.6.0– Fixed demo. It now works on older versions of Android.
– Adding data to PDFs.
13.5.0– Added advanced layer editor so you can make any cake interior.
13.1.0– Added management of your customers’ orders. This is only the 1st step, we will add additional features (quotes, invoices, statistics) in the next versions.
– The calculator now shows you the weight supported by a given tier (in the tier information).
13.0.0My Cake Calculator is 4 years old!
– You can now choose the slice size of each cake without going back to the settings.
– Added a 2nd custom slice size.
– You can now manage the accessories used in your cakes (dowels, cake boards, …). The application will include them in the cost calculation.
– Improved recipe management.
– Added management of your customers (we will add an order management system soon).
– You can now define the durations of realization of your recipes.
– The cost of the ingredients is directly indicated in your recipes.
– Improvement of the demonstration of the application.
– New parameter to choose the order of the calculator floors (from bottom to top or from top to bottom).
12.8.0– Added PDF export in ingredient calculators.
12.7.0– Addition of a calculator allowing to obtain the quantities of ingredients according to the desired weight (useful for example for cookies).
– Addition of a type of recipe “cookies”.
– Addition of calories in ingredient calculators.
12.6.0– You can indicate the allergens of your recipes.
– Possibility to add comments on your cakes (visible or not on the PDF).
– Addition of a new calculator allowing you to design a chocolate with a cocoa content specific.
– Improved app demo.
12.5.0We’ve made the decorations even better!
– 97 decorations (thousands if you use emojis).
– You can now move or resize a decoration you’ve already put on your cake.
– New decorations are two-tone.
– New demos.
12.0.0– Overhaul of the decoration system:
• Use any character including emojis!
• Added new decorations.
• You can now place a decoration on a cake.
• Improved visual rendering.
• Two-color decorations.
– Added a setting in settings to define how your cake list is sorted.
11.5.0– Added a spirit level in the tools.
– Added the possibility to modify the interior of the cake and the board directly from the 3D view.
– New demo cakes.
11.0.0– Added the possibility to write text on your cakes via a new texture.
– Added 6 new textures.
– You can now directly modify the appearance of your cake from the 3D view by pressing on it.
– Added parameters to control the display of textures.
10.3.0– Added 21 new textures for your cakes!
10.2.0– Added functionality in cake calculator to make all layers the same height.
– Addition of ingredients and demo recipes if you have not entered ingredients in the application.
– Modification of the demonstration of the application.
10.1.0– New app content caching system.
– Bugfix.
10.0.0– Reorganization of functionalities. Everything is still there, we haven’t deleted anything.
– Added a new feature that calculates the size of a layer cake based on the number of slices.
– The application calculates the number of calories of cake slices.
– You can now add a floor at the start of the calculator.
– Modification of the default theme.
– You can choose the color used in PDF.
– Modernization of all the icons of the application.
– Possibility to export all your data contained in the application.
9.0.13rd anniversary of the app! Here are many new features:
– Import your own textures!
– Import your own decorations!
– Print an image of any size with a collage (Tools menu).
– Easily calculate the ingredients needed to make a recipe for a specific quantity (Recipes menu / Calculations tab).
– New shape: the roof!
– Display your logo on PDFs (Settings menu).
8.0.0– The calculation of the number of servings for round and square shapes no longer requires a subscription.
– Unit converters no longer requires a subscription.
– Addition of a demonstration of the application.
– Addition of 2 new proportion converters (requires subscription).
– Redesign of the presentation of the training courses of the Cake Design School of Paris.
7.2.0– Fixed the keyboard display issue on iOS
7.1.1– Fixed the issue to renew a subscription on iOS.
7.0.0– Addition of a home screen.
– All sizes of decorations are now possible.
6.1.2– Added color themes for the application.
– You can manage your subscription from the app.
– Bug fixes and update of technical components.
– Android 5.1 minimum is now required.
– iOS 11 minimum is now required.
6.0.1– Bug fix on Android 4.4
6.0.0 You can now decorate your cakes! You have 36 possible decorations!
5.4.0– The application now calculates the perimeter of the text and the heart.
– Added measure consistency check.
– Fixed bugs especially on Android 4.4.
5.3.0– Added 2 new textures including the drip cake!
– The weight of dummies is now calculated.
– Added a link to the version history.
5.2.1– Added a screen containing a lot of information about the tiers
– The app works again under Android 5 and 4.4
5.1.0– You can now make tiers in the form of characters!
– The cake cost calculation error messages are now clickable so you can go straight to where to fix the error.
5.0.0– Some textures are now bi-colored! You can choose the colors you want!
– Added 2 new textures. 
– All shapes can now have a texture.
– The visualization has been redone, the camera now fits perfectly according to the inclination of the cake.
– You can now choose A3 as the paper size.
– Added confirmation screens for delete operations.
– Fixed the sorting of lists.
– Various fixes to improve the user experience.
4.6.0– Added a system to automatically inform us of errors
4.5.0– Export your cake to print in 3D or import it into your favorite 3D software!
– New version of the library managing the subscriptions.
4.4.1– You can now choose the color of the edge of the support.
– Your saved cakes / recipes will not be changed now if you change the default settings.
– Added counters for recipes and ingredients.
4.3.0– New tool allowing you to calculate the number of parts of a cake pan of any shape.
– Changed how to set the volume of a liner or smoothing ganache to make it clearer for the user.
– Added mass unit “oz”.
4.2.0– Print your cutting plans at full size! You just have to stick some sheets between them.
– Cut out your round cakes of any size with square part shapes. All parts have exactly the same volume.
– Cut out your square cakes as a round cake.
– Choose the paper size of your PDF: A4 or Letter.
4.1.1– Added the ability to put several fillings in a tier.
– Added calculation of amount of smoothing ganache.
– Added calculation of the distribution of receipts by floor.
– Improved PDF exports.
4.0.0We added a Cake Slicer! No predefined sizes, everything is calculated in real time! You can export / share it as a PDF!
3.1.0– 2 new shapes: the diamond and the polygon
– Display of unit codes in convertions
3.0.1Bug fix
3.0.0The app can now calculate the amount of ingredients, the cost and weight of your cake and manage your recipes and ingredients. You can export everything as PDF files.
2.3.0New shape: the Flower!
Various improvements.
2.2.1– New shapes: the heart and the star
– You can now define if your tier is a naked cake or a rainbow cake
– 3 new languages: Italian, German (automatic translation) and Portuguese (automatic translation)
– Added the ability to save / retrieve your settings in / from the Cloud. You can recover your settings if you change your phone or reinstall the application
2.1.1-You can now set the composition of your floor and see the inside of your cake in 3D! The PDF export will show the outside and inside of your cake.
-The calculator now automatically saves the last previewed cake.
-You can now move the camera up and down to see the top of your cake.
2.0.0– Add textures on your cake! Stripes, marble, wood, …
– New shape: the sphere
– History of the chosen colors
1.5.0Merry Christmas!
– Addition of a converter of volume, mass, temperature, length
– You can now add pillars (size and number configurable)
– Added the ability to save your cake projects
– Added expert mode so you can place your tiers wherever you want
1.4.0– Added navigation bar to quickly switch between screens.
– You can now choose the color of each floor and indicate if it is dummy.
1.3.0You can now:
– choose the type of cake (traditional or entremet) for the calculation of the number of servings.
– choose a custom serving size.
– choose the color of the cake board.
1.2.0You can now export / share your project as a PDF!
1.1.0– You can now choose the color of your cake.
– Improved 3D preview.
– Bug fixes.
1.0.0Initial version.
My Cake Calculator is an application created by Gateaux sur Mesure Paris